What is different about Club VIRTUOSO versus other Clubs?


Most Business or Social Clubs offer facilities for meetings, entertainment, socializing, and food and beverage. Club VIRTUOSO is very different in that it offers access to custom-built facilities designed and built by GOLDZONE exclusively for GOLDZONE clients and partners to incorporate the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical aspects of GOLDZONE’S leadership technologies and concepts in a physical environment.

This is way more than just an upscale environment that people of higher classes expect. This is an environment that supports and encourages peak experiences.

Perhaps the most striking difference is that Club VIRTUOSO benefits are focused on accessing GOLDZONE’S Leadership Curriculum of educational, consulting, training, and coaching services at a discounted rate or for our Sovereign Members 100% FREE!

In addition to accessing “The World’s Most Advanced Leadership Curriculum,” joining a community of like-minded leaders who are on the same journey of consciousness and conscious leadership is the best part!


Can I transfer my membership to another person?


Yes! All memberships are transferable at any time with a one-time administration fee of 5% of the original membership fee.


What if there is no Leadership Center facility in my city? Can I still enjoy the benefits of membership?


Yes! We are constantly adding new Leadership Centers to new cities and in the meantime, you may access all the benefits of membership at any Leadership Center near you in person, or remotely. We are also exploring reciprocal club memberships that will offer faster access to local facilities and services.

All Concierge and VIP services are available regardless of where you are located.


If I become a Sovereign Member, how long can I enjoy a lifetime membership?


Lifetime really does mean a lifetime. As long as you are alive, and your annual dues are up to date, you may enjoy all the benefits of your membership.


In addition to my one-time membership fees, are there any other fees and costs?


Yes, in addition to your one-time membership fees, there is also an annual membership due or $3,333 payable in advance from your second year of membership. There are usage fees for meeting rooms, spa services, and consumption charges for food and beverage services, however, these are discounted Club VIRTUOSO member rates. It is important to note that as these facilities are private and for center clients only, the public has no access to these facilities.


Why did you name the Club VIRTUOSO?


We took a long time to arrive at the best name for the club that would represent the essence of our membership. Our primary focus is on conscious leadership in action… we call this New-Paradigm Leadership. The more a person works on themselves to improve their psychology, effectiveness, personal mastery, health, and relationships the more of a leader they become and the more fully alive they become.

Our definition of Virtuoso is:

  1. A person who has special knowledge or skill in a field.
  2. A person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit.
  3. A person who has cultivated an appreciation of artistic excellence, as a connoisseur or collector of objects of art, antiques, etc.
  4. A person with a special interest or knowledge in the arts and sciences, a scientist or scholar.

This perfectly describes our club members!

If this describes you, please consider becoming a Club VIRTUOSO member!

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